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    Massage Salon Aloha in Lviv invites You to a cosy atmosphere of relaxation, health and pleasure. Our professionals, who were trained in international schools in Thailand, Europe and the USA, will help you to improve your health, have rest and recharge you with healing energy for a long time. Relaxing ambience of Aloha, which means in Hawaiian love, goodness and acceptance, effectively helps to release your stress and launch a process of self-regeneration of the body. 

    Our salon offers Traditional Thai Massage for improving musculoskeletal (locomotive) system, which includes not only the elements of passive yoga but also manipulation with energy channels and trigger points (stiffness points) in the human body. Foot massage with basic techniques of reflexotherapy will support stimulation of the internal body organs. Foot Massage has also the ability to release immediately fatigue and strengthen the defense mechanisms of our body through affecting the immune system.

    For oil massage lovers we recommend to try Aroma Thai Oil Massage. This is a relaxing energy technique that will boost your mood, giving you unique experience of body relaxation and exquisite aromas of the East.

    We are the only massage salon in the whole city of Lviv that will introduce you to the marvelous temple (sacred) Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui. In ancient times this type of massage was only given by shaman priests Kahuna to members of a royal family, nowadays everyone has the opportunity to heal himself touching the deep source of Aloha love…

     Hawaiian Massage LOMI LOMI NUI

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     Traditional Thai Massage

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    Learn to Give a Massage

    People, who want to give pleasant experiences to their loved ones, have a possibility to purchase a gift certificate for a session or a massage master class. Individuals, that are willing to grow professionally in massage giving and interested in personal development, are mostly welcomed to attend courses in the First School of Massage Therapy, which was founded in 2013 by Olena Chernii in Lviv.

    Olena Chernii is a master of western and eastern massage techniques with 12 years of work experience (a holder of international certificates of ITM School in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Aloha International in Hawaii, USA); a founder and a teacher of Prana Yoga – the system of physical and spiritual development that combines fundamental parts of Hatha Yoga with ancient healing systems through massage. Olena Chernii attended a large number of seminars and trainings for yoga and massage practice in Ukraine, Poland, India and Thailand. Olena is a body therapist, a manager (head) and a trainer of the school and massage salon.

    Диплом про закінчення курсу масаж Олени Черній

    Диплом про закінчення курсу гавайський масаж Олени Черній


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